About Soy Flow 100

Produced from fully traceable Clean Dehulled soybeans without any chemical treatments and is considered to be the most natural product of Soy Derivatives.

Beans are cleaned twice to clear all foreign material. After cleaning the beans are cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The full fat flakes (without toasting) are milled to obtain desired particle size to retain enzyme activity. . It is high protein, high fat and high PDI above 80%. The special production process retains the activity of natural enzyme Lipoxygenase and preserves the High PDI

Application and Benefits in the baking industry

  • Soy Flow 100 improves water absorption and dough handling properties.
  • Improves bread freshness and shelf due to moisture retention during the baking cycle.
  • Improve curst color and toasting characteristics in bread.
  • Lipoxygenase catalyzes oxidative bleaching of carotenoid pigments, in wheat flour giving a better color.
  • Used as functional filler in Bread improvers.
  • Used as bread improver to bakery yeast.
  • Dosage Level: 0.03-0.5%
  • Can be used in Combination with Soy Flow 200 for extra yield
  • (0.5%Soy Flow 100 + 1.5% of Soy Flow 200)